Online Application 


International students from universities around the world                

Students who have completed at least one-semester study at home university

Adequate English proficiency 


Application Materials

1. Application form

2. One nomination/recommendation letter

3. One official academic transcript

4. One copy of passport (photo page)

5. One colored photo without hat (e-copy)

6. One copy of insurance certificate


Application Procedures


Step1: Complete online application

Step2: Download the application form from the online system and sign on it.
Step3: Scan all the application materials and email them to:
Step4: Pay the tuition fee.

Step5: Receive admission package from SYSU.

Important Dates

Apr 15: Application deadling

May 1: Payment deadline

Jul 17: Arrival (Pick-up service)

Jul 18: Opening ceremony

Aug 5: Closing ceremony

Aug 6: Departure


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