Online Application 

﹡Entrance Requirement
●  International students from universities around the world            
●  2nd year or above students are recommended
●  Adequate English proficiency

﹡Application Procedure
Registration Type: Online-application

﹡Application Steps
Step1: Complete the online application.
Step2: Download the application form (PDF).
Step3: Email all application materials
Step4: Wait for material review: after receiving the application materials, ISP Office will review the material and inform the applicants about the admission result within one month after the application deadline by email and mail the Admission Notice to the admitted applicants. 

﹡Application Materials
1. Application Form (downloaded from the online application system)
2. Recommendation letter from International Office from home university
3. Copy of Passport or residence certificate (visa) for International students
4. One half length, bareheaded and full faced photo

The application materials should be prepared in electronic copy and be emailed to:

Important Dates
 Application: February 1-April 1
 Payment deadline: June1
 Pick-up service and dorm check-in: June 28-29
 Orientation: The morning of June 30
 Classes: June30-July 18
 Farewell: The afternoon of July 18
 Dorm check-out and departure: July19-July20


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