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Courses Offered (2017)

Course I Chinese Language (1.5 credits)
Chinese Language Courses on entry and intermediate levels
Chinese Calligraphy, Taiji, and Paper Cutting, etc

Course II China Business Studies (1.5 credits)
Topic 1: The Pan-Pearl River Delta and Guangdong Economy
Topic 2: Cross-Cultural Encounters
Topic 3: Effective Communication with Chinese
Topic 4: Venture Capital
Topic 5: Entrepreneurial Financing
Topic 6: Innovation in China
Company Visits

Course III Chinese Politics and Cultural Studies (1.5 credits)
Topic 1: Chinese Customs and Festivals
Topic 2: Government and Politics in China
Topic 3: Chinese Opera
Topic 4: TBC
Topic 5: Urban Management in China
Topic 6: Chinese Tea Culture
Company Visits

1. Course I will be delivered in the morning.
2. Both Course II and III will be delivered in the afternoon, and the students can choose either course to take.


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